The Hearty Beet

Serving vegan, plant-based, gluten-free, menu items. Based in Southern Utah.

We are not taking online orders at this time. You may text us during business hours. Check out our menu offerings rolling around town. We always have nachos and beet lemonade. We offer a variety of flavors of pies and smoothie bowls. These items and hummus flavors change.

Why Choose Us?

We are a food truck serving the Washington County, Utah area that offers a fully plant-based menu. We cater to the health conscious and to those with dietary restrictions. We are whole foods enthusiasts and are proud to serve made-from-scratch hummus and raw desserts. Our ingredients are high quality, gluten free, fresh, organic when available, and minimally processed. Our sweeteners consist of whole dates, maple syrup, monk fruit, agave, and beet sugar. We can even make nachos into a healthy plant-based delight. Our one-of-a-kind Beet Lemonade should be on your must-have list.

We fill the need for sporting events to provide clean food that is fuel or for recovery. We can be onsite for triathlons, bike races, softball tournaments, and more. 

About Us

Brittney Jones

Food Truck Dreamer

I am Brittney Jones, the food truck dreamer behind The Hearty Beet. The name Hearty Beet explains the hearty foods we make and the heart-healthy lifestyle of plant-based eating. Almost 10 years ago I stumbled upon plant based cooking classes and it led me to a world of new foods and recipe experimenting. Building food from “raw material” made so much sense to me and I loved working with a lot of ingredients. When I started learning about health benefits of cleaner food, I started cooking plant-based as our form of health insurance for our family where fruits, vegetables, and grains have been the forefront of our meals. I started growing a garden, became more active, cooked and baked more, researched food, and went to many more cooking classes. I used healing and nutritionally exceptional foods, especially while my children were growing and learning. I had a desire to cut gluten and dairy from our diets after learning the negative affects these foods have on children with learning disabilities.

I have continued education in plant-based focused nutrition with a Certificate in Food, Nutrition, and Health and a Certificate in Nutrition, Chronic Disease, and Health Promotion by Allegra Learning Solutions, LLC

The Hearty Beet is a family run business, and I know truly that I couldn’t do this alone. My husband, Dustin, is a true supporter of my dream and my food. He is also the muscle behind setup, take down, and backing the trailer into small spaces.

My children, Mea and Gavin, are a great team. They can bust-out nachos and smoothie bowls while I talk about food with our customers. Mea has enjoyed the benefits of a plant based lifestyle for as long as I have and loves to experiment with recipes. The most popular menu item, the PB & J pie, is her recipe. She is an artist at heart and it shows in her creativity behind the smoothie bowls. Gavin has perfected the nacho plate and does the setup and takedown. He enjoys graphic design, cinematography, and making us laugh. Together, Gavin and Mea designed the original logo.

Logo credit goes to Donna Conversano